About Us

Ramen is the ultimate soul-food in the Japanese kitchen – and we are delighted serving it to you in our restaurant Takumi in Düsseldorf’s Immermannstraße 28.

The basis of our noodle soups are original recipes and authentic spices, which we import especially from Japan. Only the right noodles give our ramen the authentic taste, which is why they come all the way from Japan’s northernmost Hokkaido region, where they are produced and fermented under strict conditions to give our soups their strong, distinctive flavor.

You can enjoy our ramen in various creations. There is an option with hearty Misoramen, a strong pork broth, a Shoyoramen or one with fish soup, which is additionally refined according to taste with many different ingredients. Popular ramen toppings are teriyaki chicken, butter, corn, seaweed, boiled egg or sprouts.

Every time you visit Takumi, you will receive a stamp on your bonus card when you order a main dish. When the card is full, enjoy a ramen on the house. So, do not forget your stamp card!

Special dishes

Of course you will also find a vegetarian option on our menu. In addition, we invite you to sample other traditional Japanese dishes such as gyoza (fried chicken dumplings), karaaga (Japanese-style fried chicken), Kirin draft beer and our weekly and monthly changing dishes.